Welcome to a Year of Change

So it is 2017, at last. I’m writing my first blog post on January 1st. Very creative, right?   To celebrate, I’m starting Project Snapshot. It’ll work like this:

  1. Every month, I’ll summary the goings-on in my life, like a snapshot of the moment;
  2. I’ll record what I was thinking, doing, worrying about, involved with at the time etc;
  3. The month after I’ll come back and check whether I did progress or not;
  4. I’ll reflect on why I progressed or not and reformulate my strategy.

The reasons I’m doing this are below.

I have the tendency to forget what I was working on and/or where I left off, even employing both Trello and Wunderlist. Combine that with me frequently switching between tasks and projects on the same day (another issue I need to work on), and I usually get astray, i.e., I start working on even more tasks and projects instead of finishing off what I had already started.

I get down from time to time for multiple reasons, which are not the focus of this blog post, so I won’t get in detail (now). What’s important here is when it happens I tend to forget why I started doing something, why it was important (or not) at the moment, and what I was planning to do (or not) with this. The result is I either abandon, forget or leave a task or project unfinished (and take on even more tasks, see above).

One last reason is when some project hasn’t progressed as I expected, I haven’t worked on it for a while or I get down (again), I tend to forget why I made a decision to do (or not do) it, i.e., the reasons that led me to choose so. What happens next is I usually make the same bad decisions again and again.

So, I’ll also use Project Snapshot to remind myself of what’s important to me, to not get lead astray and keep on track. Let’s do it:


What I’m doing: I started the “Intro to Artificial Intelligence” class on Udacity yesterday (yes, the last day of the year).

Why I’m doing it: Because I’ve recently been feeling there’s all these new cool technologies going around and I’ve stopped studying and fallen behind the industry. I feel outdated already, only two years after college! Something’s wrong…

What to do next: So, I want to study AI (already doing), virtual/augmented reality, geoprocessing, image analysis, and drones. This list might grow in the future.

What I expect will happen: I believe coming out of the dark about these techs will allow me to join the conversation, feel more secure about myself as an engineer, know where to look for more information, learn more advanced concepts, maybe freelance some of these skills, evaluate if and how any of them apply to my business(es) and think of new products or applications for these technologies.


What I’m doing: I hired a coach to help me get to know myself better and achieve what I want for my life, both personal and professionally. We’ve had three (out of 10) sessions so far. Here’s a summary of what we’ve discovered so far:

  • I’m an INTP-type personality, and I finally understand why I don’t go well with corporate life, traditional environments and careers

Why I’m doing it: I’m tired of trying to fit a standard career

What to do next: ddd

What I expect will happen: ddd

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