My Dreams for 2017

This morning, I started wishing my friends Happy 2017 and ask them what dreams they’ll make come true this year. Then I realized I didn’t know myself what dreams I wanted to see come to life. Since I tend to forget why I started doing stuff or why I made such decisions, I’m laying down my dreams for 2017, in hopes I can remind myself in case I forget (which will eventually happen).

Sing professionally

I absolutely love singing. It’s one of the most pleasant and rewarding things I do. It’s very fulfilling to hit the high note with proper technique or carry a complex tune. To me, singing harmony (as in choir music, for example) or soulful musical theater leading solos can really boost my mood and save me from a bad day.

I started singing in 2005 at my city choir after a friend took me to watch the Phantom of the Opera. Since then, I’ve been to many choirs: city, college, music school — I even got to sing in San Diego in 2013. But none of them were ever for-profit. It was just fun, a hobby.  Now I feel like it’s time I start singing professionally.

I don’t know how it’ll happen. Sing on my own on Youtube or at pubs? Start a group and sing in ceremonies, weddings, events? Either way, I believe there’s an opportunity here to use my singing to bring joy, entertain people, make them happy. I think that’s the main goal: To sing for others and earn some money in return.

Get to moderate shape

Now it’s important to define what “moderate shape” is. Moderate shape is no overweight, less flaccidity (it won’t all magically go away), being able to run a 5k without panting and start seeing some muscles popping up here and there. It’s seeing myself in the mirror and look healthy, be proud and motivated.

It’s no six-pack, less than 10% body fat. Although that’s the long term goal, I’m not as stupid as to think this’ll happen in one year time. It’s about the journey: regularly going to the gym, eating healthy, surviving winter dropout LOL.

I want to get back control of my own life’s steering wheel. Replace bad habits with better, healthier ones, make smarter, wiser choices, don’t get astray from “the right path,” live a happier, lighter life, cultivate gratitude and nurturing thoughts, grow a stronger mindset, uplift my spirit.

Photo by Suvan Chowdhury.


    1. Oh man you were fast LOL. I’m still working on the draft and published it too early and now you’re already here. Sure, consider it done and thanks for your kind comment.


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